Fiberbow 5.3 Riser (23 Inch)
Fiberbow 5.3 Riser (23 Inch)


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Product Description
The riser FiberBow 5.3 is the natural development of the original project FiberBow: the real evolution in modern archery world:
- is the result of research, innovative solutions to what up to now used in our sport in order to get a lighter and more powerful tool for all Archers.
- Designed with the use of the best 3D modeling software and finite element analysis is accomplished with the use of several layers of carbon fiber pre-impregnated and molded with the use of molds to form in the autoclave.
- The result of the application of modern technology is the maximum riser lighter and more resistant to twisting on the world market today.
- The FiberBow riser is the only ACTIVE RISER because the issue immediately returns the stored energy in the output voltage by increasing the speed of the arrow 
- The structure consists of a fabric of carbon fiber disperses the vibration in high frequency.
- The reduced weight of the riser, which is roughly equal to that of the two limbs, allowing a better and fast adjustment of the tiller and the timing of the action of the limbs with the sensitivity of simple hand be.
- Changes have been made for improvements in the aesthetic and practical: trim bushes and vines regolaflettenti black anodized aluminum, the mounting surface of the rest of the window is now completely made of carbon fiber to ensure better adhesion of the media, the seats for grafts dovetail limb have been shortened to increase resistance.
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