WNS Progresser Recurve Wooden Bow
WNS Progresser Recurve Wooden Bow (WNS OPTIMO Alpha Recurve Bow)



Draw Weight

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Product Description
WNS Optimo Alpha is the perfect bow to start and progress! As light as accurate, this bow is being manufactured the same way than the others SF ARCHERY bow series (laminated wood riser, layers of wood and f ber glass into the limbs) and ready for an intense use as per the clubs. You will find all screw holes allowing the use of a sight, a stabilizer and a cushion plunger.

This model is replaced by 
WNS Progresser Wooden Bow from 2019.

Material: Wood
Included: Arrow Rest, Dacron string

Available in RH / LH

Draw Weight 
48 - 58 inches 10# - 24#
62 inches 10# - 26#
64 - 66 inches 10# - 36#
68 - 70 inches 14# - 38#

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