ArcoSport Spigarelli Formaster - Enighma Elbow Pad
ArcoSport Spigarelli Formaster - Enighma Elbow Pad
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Product Description

ArcoSport Spigarelli Formaster - Enighma Elbow Pad 

Our elbow pad is composed since two parts: 
• the elbow itself. 
• the elastic adjustment of the detention. 
Wear the best to wear with the three holes positioned towards the outside of the arm. (Fig. 1). Then adjust the elastic still. Now your elbow is ready for use.

What is it
The Elbow Pad is an tool that we call "teaching aid". Indeed we believe it should be an integral part of the stuff and the technical equipment of the archer. Its extreme ease of use, allows you to understand so quickly, the proper use of the back and the shoulders during opening of the bow. Or use it for worm up or power. Certainly it is an indispensable tools to maintain the feeling of shooting, even in the days that we can not use the bow. Also with your coach tou can verify the correct height of the elbow of the string and the true alignment between the hand of the string and the elbow.

Possible exercises
Warm up and repetition of the sensation of shooting To warming up the shoulder, fix to Elbow Pad an elastic band, we recommend the use of a carabiner. (See Figure 2 - 3). In this way you can better understand the use of back muscles. We think that there is no better way to understand how to align the arms, shoulders and back, making sure that the load moves naturally in the scapular area. Using this way we can also simulate the elbow completely the action of shooting, and keep alive the feeling of the correct movement of the shooting. Especially when we can not use the bow.

Correction of the angle of the elbow
This is an exercise to do with your instructor and with your bow or better with a softer bow, especially for the first time. Apply an elastic string round of small thickness to the central hole of Elbow Pad in Figure 4 is red, and making sure the other end to the button of the bow. This allows you to shoot freely and without hindrance, in fact, the load will be elastic so insignificant as not to disturb during the shot. At the same time, the coach can evaluate the best alignment of the elbow with the arrow in any stage of the sequence, the athlete will have an immediate feedback of alignments required during the action, through contact with the elastic string. Correction of alignment hand-elbow. Now moving the rubber band on the first hole at the top, white in Figure 4, it will be possible to train the proper alignment of the arm of the rope. keeping contact with the rubber band up the anchor point. Doing in thi way it will be easy to feel correct technical gesture. Together with your instructor in a short time you will be able to complete all corrections
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