FIVICS NANO-XQ ARROW (Recurve & Compound) Shaft Only Dozen

Shaft Spine

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Product Description
NANO XQ ARROW (Recurve & Compound)

Excellent in grouping of arrows with stability and accuracy

Nano XQ, it took more than 3 years testing and developing by Korean 
national team member, Mr. Jang Young Ho and during testing, we Fivics found the perfect inner diameter to make stability and accuracy between point and shaft, ¢3.15

Uniform production makes equal specification and has outstanding arrow grouping and reducing arrow damage rate
which is always troublesome of carbon arrow’s natural.

Fivics also found new material for Nano XQ arrow and it is MC 46ton carbon which has strong points in
accuracy and durability of epoxy resin.

We, Fivics, hereby can tell you that Nano XQ is perfect for Archery competition arrow due to these outstanding reasons.

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